It all started with a Cricut Machine!!

It all started with a Cricut Machine!!

I have always been an individual who loves to craft. I could remember painting pictures and doing crafts when I was a child. I wanted to be my own person, unique in every way. I started exploring different ways to expand my mind culturally. So by the time I was in High School I was playing the piano and I experienced in photography. I loved to try new and exciting things to test myself to no end. Of Course, life happens and got pulled away for my love of crafting. I began exploring my interest in the Healthcare field and found myself being a college student and a mother working full time.  

Time went on and I graduated from college and began working for a big Hospital in Indiana. I had forgot about my love of crafting, playing the piano and photography. I was interested in being a mother and a great nurse. It wasn't until I decided to transfer to a Pediatric Clinic that was close to home that I reconnected with my love of crafting. I had worked Pediatrics in for years. In fact, I still do but with this transfer, I was introduced to a new level of individuals that took my love of crafting to a whole new level. 

It was early 2020, and Covid had changed Healthcare dramatically. People had started being laid off from their jobs and healthcare workers were burned out from the changes. A co-worker of mine had purchased a Cricut machine to have something therapeutic when she got home from work.  She was so excited about the machine that she talked about it all the time. She was trying out new projects and bringing them to work. We were all amazed. I was happy for her, but it wasn't until she suggested that I buy one that started me to become interest. You see at that time I had an alot of stressful situations going on in my life. I had recently got married, I had family issues and of course covid didn't make it any better. So, I decided to investigate this Cricut machine and what it could do. I thought the purchase price was steep, but I figured if I was going to buy one, I wanted the top of the line.  I found that the Cricut maker was the best option because it could cut all types of materials. It was tax time and husband, who has always been supportive, talked me into buying one. So, I did through Amazon, and I waited patiently for weeks. It had finally arrived. I was so excited that I stayed up all night setting the machine up.

I had read that many people were intimidated by the Cricut machine, and I have to admit I was pretty nervous about of whole thing. When I opened up the box and started setting up the machine, I found it to be pretty interesting. I wanted to learn more. So, I did and found out there was a whole new world of crafting that I had missed. My very first craft project was a cup with the silhouette of a woman with crown and on the opposite side of it the word Queen. I was hooked, I started exploring different crafts. I wasn't too long that wanted to learn different crafts outside the Cricut machine. I joined a craft group on Facebook that taught me different crafts. One thing about crafting, it's very expensive!!! once you start crafting, I will find yourself immersed in a world of trips to several craft stores and a huge Amazon shopping list. One thing I can say that I'm happy that I found crafting again and it was all because of my Cricut Maker and my love for learning and crafting. Hopefully, this blog will help you to find your inner crafting passion. Stay tuned for more blogs and conversations about crafting.

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